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Shop Racking

Shop racking and shop shelving is a great way to display a wide range of different products for retail stores, including:
* Convenience stores
* Computer outlets
* Supermarkets
* Hair and beauty product suppliers
* Off licenses
* Grocery stores
* Toy shops
* Pet stores
* Auto centers

All of our shop racking is made from heavy duty powder coated steel with interchangeable components, making it easy to create the perfect shelving configuration for your needs. No matter your store layout, we can help you choose the right kind of wall racking or gondola racking to suit your requirements. All our units are freestanding, meaning there’s no need for nuts bolts or wall fixings. As well as being sturdy and durable, our shop racking provides a clean and inviting look to any retail outlet, and will allow you to display your products clearly and neatly while offering peace of mind when stocking heavy items.

Why choose shop racking?

wall_racking image

At Shelving4Shops we pride ourselves on quality and service. Situated in the Midlands with great motorway access, we provide fast delivery and easy access to our shop racking showroom.
All our shop racking comes in a variety of different heights and depths, from a standard 1400mm high gondola to the larger 2400mm gondola racking which is more commonly used in supermarkets and cash & carry outlets. The standard shelf depths range from 200mm to 570mm, and all shelves are adjustable from 45 to 90 degree angles, enabling you to tilt shelves to display sweets and confectionery easily.

Our shop racking is versatile and interchangeable, making it easy to swap components to suit different products and seasonal goods. Pegboard backing can also be used instead of plain backing, giving your customers more choice and variety. There are many different types of shop racking available, including:

Wall Racking

This is a single-sided unit which sits flat against the wall. Wall racking units only have shelves on one side, unlike gondola units which are shelved on both sides. Standard heights for wall racking range from 2110mm to 2410mm, and extensions can be added if a taller height is required. Our wall racking comes in four different widths: 665mm,800mm,1000mm and 1250mm, making it easy to fill any awkward gap. These units can stand on there own or can be added to an existing bay.

Gondola Racking

gondola racking

gondola end bay

Gondola racking units have shelves on both sides, making them ideal for merchandising the center of a shop floor and maximising your available retail space. These units come in the same sizes as wall racking, allowing you to easily interchange components or move your shop racking to elsewhere in your store. Gondola racking can also divide the shop to create aisles, providing traffic flow and guiding customers around the store, ensuring they are exposed to your full product range.

Gondola end bays or promotional bays can be placed at the end of a gondola run, providing impact and allowing you to display fast-selling lines and promotional items. These units will also help to tidy up the ends of a gondola run, giving it a tidy and professional look. End bays come in the same heights as gondola racking units, ensuring the whole bay has a consistent look. When ordering a promotional bay, make sure to choose the right width to matches your gondola racking. If your end bay is too wide it will stick out past the base of the gondola unit and could pose a trip hazard.

Magazine Racking

magazine racking

Magazine bays are a great way of displaying magazines, newspapers, books and paper goods, and are available in two widths: 1000mm and 1250mm. Any height is available, depending on your store’s ceiling heights. Choose between three-tiered and two-tiered shelves, or create your own bespoke configuration according to your needs.

Corner Racking

corner racking

Corner racking and shelving is a great addition to any shop, giving a clean and professional look, and finishing of those untidy and awkward corners. Corner racking shelves are available in the same standard sizes as wall and gondola racking to ensure a seamless look can achieved.

Pegboard Racking

peg bord racking

Pegboard racking can be used for displaying items that would not usually be found on shelves, such as sweets, batteries, hair products, car accessories, or any other product needing to be displayed using hanging hooks.

All of our shop racking units can be turned into pegboard shelving by simply swapping the plain back panels for pegboard panels. This simple conversion allows you to easily turn wall racking, gondola shelving, and promotional bays into pegboard units without the need to replace all of the components.

Choosing the right shop racking for your store

It’s important to choose the correct shop racking for your store’s requirements. There are several aspects to consider, such as the height of the units and the depth of shelves, and choosing the wrong shop racking could be costly. Too high, and your shop racking could obstruct your view of the customers. Too low, and it could be hard to display a full product range while trying maximise available retail space. The same applies when choosing the depth of shelves; shelves that are too deep can be costly to stock and can make your shop appear cramped. Having deep shelves can also make aisles too narrow, which may cause problems for wheelchair users and pushchairs. And, of course, too narrow shelves will make displaying a full range of products awkward.

Get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops - whether you’re planning a refit, replacing individual units, or are opening a whole new store, we will be happy to help! Our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire allows you to visualise your chosen shop racking units in your store, and our shop planning service can help you make the best of your retail space. Come and see the different shop racking styles, heights and depths on offer. We also stock used shop racking if you’re looking to save some extra cash!

For more information and help on planning your shop please call the Shelving4Shops design team on 01455 221512