Having a small store can present many problems when trying to set up your business. Here are a few tips for maximising the space you have and really getting the most of out of displays, whilst keeping your costs down.

1. Paint an accent wall in a bold colour, this will not only brighten up your store but will make the store look bigger. You could also use eye-catching wallpaper with striking prints to make a feature wall and mix up textures to create interest.

2. Think vertically! Customer's really engage with products displayed on various levels and at different heights. Use a collection of our different shelving units to create displays of varying heights, drawing the eye upwards, which will give the feel of your store being more spacious.

3. Use lighting creatively! Lighting is so important, especially in small spaces, as they often have dark corners that can end up making your store look pokey and unappealing. Light up those corners, otherwise, the space is as good as lost.

4. Use your shelves effectively, this means making sure they don't look cluttered. Arrange your products so that customer's get the best view of them. If they're awkward items, consider using our shelf dividers to gather them together and make sure different products don't mix together, otherwise, the shelf may look a bit chaotic. It may be worth using wire stacking baskets as a great way to promote impulse buys of bulk items, making them easy to pick up at the last minute.