Shop counters are vitally important in any style of store, a counter is often the last impression you make on a customer and so you want it to be memorable and a good experience. It is important to find the correct counter style and size to suit you and your store and at Shelving4shops we have a vast range of counters to choose from.

One of the first options you need to consider is whether or not you need drops for baskets and if so how many do you need. The advantage of having drops in your counters is that it makes it much easier for customers to give their items to the checkout worker and it allows you to utalise the counter space that you have. Many stores chose to place small impulse purchase items on the counter at the checkout if you do not have a drop in your counter you risk customers knocking these or losing great promotional space for impulse items.

You should consider the display and storage options that would work well for your store. Many of our counters feature a range of storage options to ensure that you utalise every inch of floor space that you have available. Looking at something like the Cash & Wrap Retail Counter this counter gives you ample storage behind the counter that can be used by staff to store regular items like bags, gift wrapping and other items that cashiers will need on a regular basis. Alternatively, you could have the Straight Shop Counter which as well as giving your cashier somewhere to store items gives you a large space to display items to customers. Often this space is used for small confectionary items to encourage impulse purchases at the checkout.

As well as shop counters, Shelving4Shops stock a huge range of new and used shop shelving, including:

  • Gondola shelving - A classic choice in many stores is gondola shelving. This is a truly versatile option and we offer 4 heights and 4 widths to ensure you can find the correct shelving for your store.
  • Promotional end bays - This is an excellent place to display sale items as not all customers are going to walk down every aisle but they will pass the end of them to reach other sections of the store or to get to the checkout. Utilise this space in your store by putting sale/promotional items in end bays and use clear signage to highlight these great savings.
  • Pegboard shelving - Some items do not sit well on a tradition flat shelf, pegboard shelving allows you to hang items and present them in the best way possible. If you no longer need hanging space, you can then fix shelves to pegboard shelving to ensure you have the best display options for your store.
  • Dump bins and wire baskets - Using dump bins and wire baskets around the store are a great way to encourage impulse purchases or to promote sale items. This style of display can utilise a dead space of the store or can be used to create a section near the checkout so people know where to queue.
  • Shelving accessories - Customise your shelves to your store, from coloured EPOS strips to shelf dividers you can take any shelving and make it work perfectly for your store.

To view all of the products mentioned and to see our full range of retail shop counters and other shop shelving please visit our website or speak to one of our sales team on 01455 221512, who are on hand and happy to help you in choosing the shelving that would work best for you and your store.