Every store needs a shop counter but not every store needs the same shop counter, it is important to take the time and work out what shape and style counter is going to work best in your store. Here are just a few things to consider when selecting your new shop counter:

Size matters! It is important that you consider the space that you have and what you can allocate to a shop counter, if you have a relatively small store there is not much point in getting a large counter that can hold 2 tills, especially if you have under 3 employees. You will not need that much checkout space and you will be taking up valuable space that could be used to display items. Opposingly, as a larger store, you do not want to have a single till holding counter at the front. You are going to cause long ques and often if a customer is only buying one or two things they will not bother queuing and simply go to another store. Be reasonable when selecting the size of your counter and don't get drawn into the idea that bigger is better, choose the option that matches the size of your store and the number of customers and employees that you have.

Style over practicality. While it is important to have a stylish counter that is in keeping with the rest of your store, don't forget that you may be taking up valuable space in your store. Why not look at getting a shop counter with storage built into it, either in the front to display items to customers or in the back to store things like bags and gift wrapping. You do not have to fully compromise on the style of counter you want but just consider how much space you have and whether you can give up such a large area of storage or display space.

Remember the counter space. Placing items on the countertop next to the tills is a great way to encourage impulse purchases or to promote a new item if it is small enough. Be careful though that you don't overwhelm the counter, remember people will want to place their items on the counter and often will place their purse or other items on the counter while they are paying to free up their hands.

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