With the warm weather just around the corner and many are taking holidays to spend time with friends and family now is the perfect time to encourage shoppers into your store. Sometimes small changes within your store can have a large effect on repeat customers and help you to entice new shopper in.

Placing freestanding shelving/storage in the entrance to your store full of sale items is a great way to draw customers into your store to find some great deals. Our range of dump bins are the perfect choice for this, they are quick and easy to assemble and can be easily moved around the store into any empty spaces you might have.

Shops also often underutilise the area of the store which often receives the most foot traffic … the end of the aisle! Most customers do not walk up and down each aisle, they wander around the end of aisles looking for the items they want and then only go down the aisles they need. Placing promotional items or popular impulse purchase items in this area of your store is a sure fire way to get customers to pick up one or two extra items. Make sure you are using this area to its full potential during the spring season!

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