Gondola shelving is one of if not the most popular shelving option worldwide! They are classic shelving that can be found in most stores and we are going to share with you our top 3 ways to utilise gondola shelving.

Way 1:

Use your gondola shelving to create seamless aisles throughout your store. This may seem obvious but creating aisles throughout your store is a great way to choose the flow of customers throughout the store to ensure they walk past your tempting offers and pick up one or two extra items.

Way 2:

Link your gondola shelving with our other bay units. While gondola shelving is a great shelving option, there are some items that just do not sit well on a flat shelf and so need pegboard shelving. All our bay units link together seamlessly to ensure a flawless flow throughout your store and not a mixture of different shelving that looks out of place.

Way 3:

Add an end finisher leg to make a freestanding display unit. This can be a great way to create an interesting display in front of your store or near the checkout that can be easily accessed by your shoppers.

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