We at Shelving4Shops think that it is important to use a range of shelving to provide the best display option for different products and to encourage customers to pick up items. End bays are an excellent tool to use to encourage impulse purchases and to display sale items, this is an area of the store that receives a lot of foot traffic as customers walk past the end of aisles to navigate the store or to get to the checkout so it is important to take advantage of this space.

We have several end bay options to choose from to ensure that you have the correct shelving for your store. Traditional flat shelving that can be found on our low and high-end bays may not be suitable for all products within your store. For items that need to be hung up, pegboard shelving can give you the versatility to hang up items for display to ensure they are presented in the most appealing way to customers.

All of our end bays come in 4 different height and 4 different widths to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your store. Our end bays also sit flush with our other bay units to ensure a smooth seamless shelving display.

To view all of the products mentioned and to see our full range of end bays and other shop shelving please visit our website or speak to one of our sales team on 01455 221512, who are on hand and happy to help you in choosing the shelving that would work best for you and your store.