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Shop Counters

Shop Counters

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Retail store shop counters

One of the bestselling retail counters for displaying impulse buys such as sweets and chocolate in a convenience shop could be our range of shelved retail display counters; these counters will enable you to display an attractive and inviting look waist displaying confectioneries to the front of the counter and freeing up space on the work tops

Three adjustable shelves at the front make it easier to determine the exact height you require, and with the shelves descending in size it makes a great visual display. Attractive wooden sides available in different colours with impact edging give the counters a professional sturdy look.  

Retail counters with basket drops can be arranged on different parts of the work top depending if you require 1 -2 or 3 drops. The drops allow costumers an easier time when lifting a heavy basket onto the counter top.


Shop counters with wire baskets

Wire baskets are a versatile way of displaying almost any product at the front of your counter from crisp’s, snacks, items in builders merchants to small components in plumbing centres, with dividers to allow different size compartments you can’t go wrong with this great unit.


Glass front retail counter

Mobile shops and gift outlets where there is a danger of expensive items going missing or just that items need covering up due to hygiene reasons would benefit from this range of glass fronted counters , from full vision glass counter, ¾ vision 1/3 vision angled display corners or even your own design can be manufactured to you own specification


About Us

Here at Shelving4Shops we have over 15 years experience in the shelving industry, providing the retail trade with high quality, durable shop shelving, racking and accessories. Our shelving options are suitable for a whole variety of different store requirements, from the smallest corner shop to large department stores and major supermarkets.

Choosing the right shop counter may be harder than you think, with all the different heights colours and shelving designs they are all made for different purposes, weather you are looking for a convenience store shop counter or a mobile phone retail counter shelving 4 shops will guide you in the right direction so you will be always happy you have made the right decision.