When your customers are at the end of their shop they will need to head to the checkout and you need to ensure this is a smooth and easy process for them. If you have ensured your customer has the best shopping experience possible with clearly marked products and easy to view shelving then your customers are going to be heading to the checkout with their arms full of goodies and will want to pay and be out of the store in a quick and reasonable manner so make sure you are prepared.

The first thing to consider when designing your checkout process is the placement of the checkout within your store. You are going to want to place it somewhere that is easy for the customer to find while still being beneficial to you. If you are a smaller store then placing the checkout by the exit is vital to ensure you have a good vantage point in the store to see your customers, if you are a larger store having the checkout near the exit is a good idea as it fits well with the customer shopping experience flow but they do not need to be as close to the exit as would be preferable in a smaller store.

Next, consider the implications of the queue that your idea checkout will have. We highly recommend designating a queuing section in front of your checkout to ensure those going to pay do not get in the way of other customers. A quick and easy way to do this is using dump bins, they are an affordable freestanding option that can be filled with impulse purchase items to encourage those last-minute purchases.

Finally, you need to consider how many tills you are going to have in your checkout section as this will affect the style and size of shop counter you are going to need. Consider how many customers you get on average and how quickly a cashier can ring through an average customers shop.

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