If you a struggling to fit all of your products on your shelving and do not have the ability to install new units why not look at freestanding storage options that can be easily moved and slotted into those often overlooked parts of the store.

Freestanding shelving can be a great way to sneak in a few extra products throughout the store in creative ways. Below are just a few different freestanding shelving options and how they can be used throughout your store:

Dump Bins - These are a classic option that is used in many stores. These bins can be easily placed throughout the store and are a great place to highlight sale items or limited seasonal items. Make sure these items are either individually priced or the product information is secured on the dump bin and is easily visible. Dump bins are also a great item to use around the checkout, you can use the bins to create an area of the store for people to queue in while you are encouraging impulse purchasing by surrounding them with amazing deals or small items.

Wine Towers - We know that not every store sells alcohol but bear with us on this one, don't let the name fool you! Wine towers are a great freestanding display piece that offers customers a 360-degree view of products and utilise the hight of the space so items can be easily placed in customers eyeline.

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