Second-hand shop shelving can be a great way to cut costs if you are looking to refurbish your store or need some shelving to place in your back room.

When considering buying second-hand shelving there are a few key positive and negative arguments. The main positive being that if you have found the correct shelving for your store then second-hand shelving can be a cheaper alternative to buying new shelving. Or if you need to replace an existing shelf but don't want one brand new unit amongst older ones opting for second-hand shelving can ensure that your store has a seamless look to it.

The main negative of second-hand shop shelving, especially for smaller stores, is that often the most widely available shelving are large units for big supermarket chain stores. This means it is often difficult to fit out smaller stores with second-hand shelving as you would be using a lot of floor space for one unit and also may not have the stock to fill the shelf.

At Shelving4shops we don’t just sell second-hand shelving, we have a highly trained team who can come and remove shelving from your store quickly and efficiently which can then be sold on as second-hand shelving.

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