When customers are walking around a store they usually have a list of items they need and go about their shipping trip but if you have set your store up well you will encourage customers to pick up a few impulse purchase items. When this happens you want to ensure that customers have the hand space available to pick up those extra items by having baskets readily available!

Baskets are a great way to ensure customers can pick up items throughout the store and encourage customers to pick up a larger shop in your store. If customers are finding it awkward to hold items they are not going to pick them up or purchase bigger tickets items if they are cumbersome to get around the store. At shelving4shops we know that customers are not always going to know to pick up a basket at the entrance of your store and are not going to want to walk the whole way back when they do need one so we would suggest you putting stacks of baskets throughout the store to ensure customers don’t walk away from items because they can’t easily carry them. 

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