Happy New Year from everyone here at Shelving4shops!

It's a new year and a new start for everyone, why not include your store in that? Starting the new year with your best foot forward can set the tone for you entire year so make sure your store is in the best condition possible.

You do not have to refit your entire store in order to give it a polished look, small changes can make a massive impression on existing and new customers.

If your store is looking a little dull why not add some pops of colour to brighten it up? EPOS strips are a quick and affordable way to brighten up shop shelving, available in 8 colours and 4 widths you will find the perfect match for your store. These strips can also be used to display product information to make it clear to customers and encourage them to purchase your amazing products!

Many stores have a very loyal regular client base, often they can get very used to the store and will walk in and out with exactly what they wanted. This is great in terms of income but they are not being drawn in to impulse purchase items which could generate a real profit for your store. Adding something simple like dump bins and wire stacking baskets could be a simple solution! These mobile, freestanding units are a great way to draw the customers eye and by filling them with impulse purchase items like sale items and snacks are a great way to draw customers in.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned above and to view our full range of used and new shop shelving and shelving accessories visit our website www.shelving4shops.co.uk. If you would like to talk about your shelving options give us a call on 01455 221512 or drop us an email and talk to one of our friendly team.