Are you looking for an easy way to increase the storage in your back rooms but don't want to put in the bulkier shelving units that are in the front of your store? Or simply looking for some great storage shelving to go in your garage then Clicka shelving is the perfect solution for you!

This style of shelving is incredibly easy and simple to erect and is built to withstand up to 175/265kg of products, that's plenty of shelf capability for backroom storage! In just 10 minutes you can have your shelving assembled and configured to match your needs, all you need is a rubber mallet!

Clicka units are manufactured with high-quality materials and feature a top quality finish so you can have peace of mind that your system has been tested and certified to the highest European standards – GS TUV. Whether you are fitting out the home or workplace, with two colour options of blue/grey or all white you can choose a finish that best matches the environment.

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