Summer has finally come to the UK and we at Shelving4shops are excited to spend some time outside. This is a time for friends and family to come together and go on adventures which means many will be stocking up on essentials to fuel those adventures!

Make sure your shop is their first point of call when they go shopping for all of their summer needs! Seasonal items are a great way to draw customers into your shops, using fun and fresh window display or display in the entrance of your store will excite customers and is a great way of showing the amazing stock you have. Make sure you place all of the items used in your display in an easy to find place, customers will not want to traipse the 4 corners of your store looking for that 1 item.

Place a handy shelving unit near the display holding a selection of the items and place the rest further into the store to entice customers in. Alternatively, if you are only using one or two items make it clear where in the store these items can be found or put them in clear eyesight for customers when they first enter the store.

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