At shelving4shops we think it is important to not only find the perfect shelving but to find the right accessories to compliment that shelving. Here are our top 3 accessories to create the perfect shelving solution:

1 - Risers and dividers. There is nothing worse as a customer than finding the place where an item you want is supposed to be and finding a mixture of items in its place! Shelf risers and dividers are a quick and easy way to stop this mish-mash of products forming on your shelves. Each product can be contained in front of its product information to ensure an easy shopping experience.

2 - EPOS strips. Following on from risers and dividers you want to make sure now that your items are in the right place that they are clearly labelled with all the information a customer could want. EPOS strips are also a great way to freshen up old shelving and to bring some colour and vibrancy into your store.

3 - Dump bins. These are a highly versatile item that can be used as a freestanding display or we suggest using them to create an aisle of temptation where customers queue to check out and place impulse purchase items in. These bins are easy to store when not in use and are the perfect addition to any empty space in your store.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned above and to view our full range of used and new shop shelving and shelving accessories visit our website If you would like to talk about your shelving options give us a call on 01455 221512 or drop us an email and talk to one of our friendly team.