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Experts in shop fitting & shop shelving

  • Our Leicestershire Showroom

    End Finishing Legs
    Here at Shelving4Shops, we want to ensure that you make the most out of your store. However, we understand that sometimes it can get a little frustrating trying to develop and visualise a layout that appeals to customers, and fits within a budget. Our shelving show room located in Leicestershire can help you do just that. We have an extensive range of shelving units for you to browse through, and allow you to choose the best shelving and racking units to help you make the most out of your retail space.

    Whether you’re opening a completely brand new store, replacing certain units or just looking to freshen up your store, our friendly expert sales team will always be happy to help you find your ideal fit and ensure you make the best use of your shop floor space.

    If you’re struggling to visualise a shop layout that best suits you, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire holds a large variety of assorted shelving units and styles, in various depths and heights. We also stock and sell used racking which can be easily integrated into your current store layout. Ideal if you’re looking for a new look on a tight budget.

    At Shelving4Shops, we understand the importance of finding that ideal shelving or racking unit. Height and depth are major elements to consider when choosing new units. Having a unit thats too deep in depth create the illusion of a cramped and confined store. Merchandise can become hidden, and your customers browsing experience can be affected. Units that are too tall in height hide customers, and can pose a security threat concerning shoplifting.

    If you’re struggling to find certain shelving units to suit you, or just need some friendly advice, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire will enable you to visualise your ideal retail space. If you’re interested in visiting us, our showroom is located in Wolvey, Leicestershire, just off the M69. Or if you just need some quick and friendly advice on planning your shop, you can call us on 01455 221512, and our expert design team will be happy to help you create that perfect plan.

  • Displaying Fruit and vegetables

    Displaying Fruit and vegetables

    There are two ways of displaying fruit and vegetables outside your store to their full potential

    The hard way or the easy way
    The hard way would be mackling together a make shift wooden display made out of old bit of wood and discarder pallets found around your shop and back yard, the problem with this, is that is exactly what it looks like , not the best impression to have before you have even got them into your store ,not to mention the time and effort at the end of the day having to of load every tray back into the shop because your vegetable display is ether fixed of too big to go through the door.

    The easy way
    The easy way to display fruit and vegetables increase sales and give your supermarket a clean and professional look without spending a fortune would be to take advantage of shelving4shops new fruit and veg display range.

    These high strength steel vegetable units are the ideal size for any size shop due to their narrow design so whether you have a single door or a large fronted shop with double doors this mobile vegetable display is designed to fit any size shop door, making it easy and time saving when it comes to opening or shutting up after a long day. And with the 4 widths available and narrow depth you should fine one to suit:

    Displaying Fruit and vegetables


    800mm long


    1250mm long


    1600mm long


    2000mm long




    All our mobile fruit and veg units come with:

    Displaying Fruit and vegetables
    Locking castors

    3 adjustable shelves

    Durable black powder coating finish

    Handle for easy moving

    As well as suppling outside vegetable shelving displays shelving4shops also supply double sided fruit and vegetable gondola units for the centre flow or display, this can also be moved around easily on the locking wheels making it easy for cleaning and designing new displays. End bays can be added to make an attractive and functional look, there an many widths available so please call 01455 221512 to design your perfect vegetable unit.

    Wall units



    Wall units are available in 665mm – 800mm – 1000mm – 1250mm so can be added to your existing shelving unit or start with a brand new fresh look with this stylish black powder coated vegetable s shelving display. Mirrored canopy’s come as standard but can be removed if needed we also supply fruit and vegetable display crates and trays to fit all shelving units.

    For more information and help on sizes and design please call on 01455 221512.

    Wall units

  • We Buy (and Sell) Used Shop Shelving!

    Did you know that Shelving4Shops will come and dismantle and purchase your used retail shelving? If you have used shop shelving, supermarket shelving or convenience store shelving that you're looking to update, let us know and we'll come and take a look to see if we're able to take it off your hands! The Shelving4Shops team are experts in retail shelving and we understand the need for retailers to keep shelving costs down. If you're refitting your store or updating old shelving, don't just throw your old units away - you might be able to make a bit of cash by selling it on to us before you choose your new shelving. We'll even help you plan your new store layout...

    Our shelving specialists are able to remove shop shelving from stores of all sizes - whether you have a little local corner shop or a 30,000 square foot supermarket! Just get in touch and tell us about your situation and we'll give you a quote for disassembly and removal. We work with tight budgets and short schedules so no job is too big or small or quick or complicated!

    On the other hand, if you're looking to buy used shop shelving you can really save yourself some money and make refitting or updating your store a simple operation. The main thing to consider when buying used shelving is how best you can organise your shelving configuration in your store space. The width and depth of your shelving can dictate how easy it is for customers to move around your store, while the height will affect the visibility around your store for your visitors and your staff. A decent store plan will help you to work out where best to place your counter, refrigerated units, gondola shelving and wall shelving, and we'll be happy to help you put a layout together.

    Visit our Leicestershire shelving showroom or call us on 01455 221512 to see what used shelving we have in stock and to talk about how we can help you find the best units for your store, or to discuss arrangements for us to come and pick up your used shelving for sale.

  • Your Store Decor

    Decorating a store is very, very individual and of course depends on the sort of shop, the sort of products you sell and the size of the premises, not to mention the budget you're on. So when it comes to decorating and dressing up your store, you need to bear in mind your target audience and think creatively.

    For the general shop theme, colours set tone and mood in a shop, so bear in mind the type of atmosphere you want to create. Research colours and effects, for example, red and orange in a food shop can promote a feeling of hunger, whereas pastel hues and whites can be calming and relaxing, which is ideal in a shop selling bath salts and spa products. Spend time considering the mood you want in the store and carefully select your colour scheme.

    Creating eye catching displays are a great way of drawing a customer's attention to a product that otherwise they would have glossed over. Such displays need a clever use of colour (but not too many different ones) otherwise the overall look will be tacky and childish (unless, of course, you are advertising children's products!). So pick your colours carefully and use them to brighten your shop and create focus points to attract customers to a particular promotion or sale.

    The good thing about our units at Shelving4Shops is that they are versatile & re-usable, so you can rework it each time you need a new display. Pegboards are fantastic for promotions as they are so easy to work with & are quick to amend or rearrange when you need to change over a product or advertise a special deal. They are also ideal for hanging items, eg necklaces, for example, & give a bigger space to create really eye catching displays. Don't forget the minor details either, such as the finishing touches. Whether it's a particular piece of artwork behind the counter or a bowl of sweets for customers to help themselves to, it's the small touches will get your store remembered.

  • Make the most of a small space

    Having a small store can present many problems when trying to set up your business. Here are a few tips for maximising the space you have and really getting the most of out of displays, whilst keeping your costs down.

    1. Paint an accent wall in a bold colour, this will not only brighten up your store but will make the store look bigger. You could also use eye-catching wallpaper with striking prints to make a feature wall and mix up textures to create interest.

    2. Think vertically! Customer's really engage with products displayed on various levels and at different heights. Use a collection of our different shelving units to create displays of varying heights, drawing the eye upwards, which will give the feel of your store being more spacious.

    3. Use lighting creatively! Lighting is so important, especially in small spaces, as they often have dark corners that can end up making your store look pokey and unappealing. Light up those corners, otherwise the space is as good as lost.

    4. Use your shelves effectively, this means making sure they don't look cluttered. Arrange your products so that customer's get the best view of them. If they're awkward items, consider using our shelf dividers to gather them together and make sure different products don't mix together, otherwise the shelf may look a bit chaotic. It may be worth using wire stacking baskets as a great way to promote impulse buys of bulk items, making them easy to pick up at the last minute.

  • The beauty of moveable equipment

    To keep the appearance of your store changeable and flexible, it’s worth investing in some portable shop display equipment to make sure changing the look of your shop doesn’t require a full rebuild! Shelving4Shops can supply a top quality range of highly versatile dump bins, wire stacking shelves and wire shelving. These pieces of lightweight shop equipment offer exciting options for promotional displays and quick shop face uplifts. They’re also great for making use of small, awkward spaces, such as corners and the centres of wide aisles. You’ll never have wasted space again!

    All these lightweight display equipment options mean the look of your store is easy to update and change whenever you need to. It’s important to do this regularly so your customers see something new every time they visit. This in turn sparks curiosity to explore your store for new products - and in turn will most probably end up in the customer making an impulse buy of some sort.

    Dump bins are great for displaying lots of single products - especially great for selling end of line items, or ones that are difficult to stack, e.g. single crisp packets or footballs. Ideal for placing at the end of aisles or by the till area, these can be stacked and offer easy access to tempt customers to impulse buy.

    Wire dump bins have adjustable bases that allow you to raise or lower the height of your products. These are also great for tempting customers as they wait to pay, as you can use these to form the queueing area, filling them with tempting treats and sale items that your customers won’t be able to resist.

    Have an awkwardly sized wall space? Why not use our wire shelves to make that wall work for your products! These are freestanding and lightweight, allowing you to move them around and change the look of your shop with ease.

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